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The Murmur

From June 2014 to January 2018 I served as editor-in-chief of The Murmur newspaper, which I co-founded together with three partners. The 40-page English-language publication focussed on Danish society, culture and politics from an international perspective. The goal was to create an English-language platform for news about Denmark, that could be read by both Danes and non-Danes, by adopting a constructive approach to our journalism, with an explainer style.

In November 2014 we received a 1.1 million kroner grant from the Danish Agency for Culture. We produced 42 issues in total, with an average of 15,000 copies per issue, distributed to over 300 locations across Denmark.

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Within the first year, two of the co-founders fell away. While my partner was responsible for advertising sales and distribution, my responsibilities covered all aspects of the production, including:

  • Commissioning and editing all articles and features

  • Writing a large share of the regular content, including the cover interview

  • Employing support staff such as proofreaders, interns and designers

  • Preparing the digital files for the printer

  • Managing website and social media channels

Gabriele Dellisanti, one of The Murmur’s editorial interns.

Gabriele Dellisanti, one of The Murmur’s editorial interns.


While The Murmur is no longer being published, it remains online. To read the PDFs, head to the Issuu page, or simply scroll through the website.

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