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Strategic communications

Photo, video or audio? Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn? Website, mailing list or press release?

Deciding how to communicate isn’t always easy. Resources are limited and the options are endless.

I design and execute communication strategies that help businesses, organisations and educational institutions make the right communications decisions.

It always starts with asking: who is your audience, and why do you want to reach them?

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Mino Danmark

Communications Director, January 2018 - present

I am responsible for all external communications at Mino Danmark, an NGO that works improve outcomes for minority youth in Denmark. This includes:

  • Writing and implement the communications strategy

  • Designing and executing recruitment campaigns

  • Developing and implementing communications guidelines

  • Working closely with project managers to identify communications goals

  • Managing all digital communication platforms

For more examples of my work at Mino Danmark, click here.

Designhøjskolen Højer

Head of Communications, January 2018 - December 2018

I was responsible external communications, recruitment and digital marketing at the new folk high school, on Denmark’s west coast. I also taught a number of subjects, including photography, philosophy and media. The role ended when the school closed at the end of 2018. My duties included:

  • Digital marketing and recruitment

  • Media production

  • Managing digital platforms and social media marketing

  • Teaching

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