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“They will keep coming, and they are still coming”

December, 2017 / Refugee Rescue is committed to stopping deaths at sea, and has helped thousands of refugees and migrants who risked drowning as they crossed from Turkey to Greece. CEO Jude Bennett is now based in Copenhagen, and argues that we need to get used to this migrant flow, because the factors pushing them to leave are far from being resolved


“My father might have stopped being violent, but I continued it on the streets”

December, 2017 / Khaterah Parwani is a loud-mouthed feminist who fights social control as a legal expert and mentor. But while her mission ought to find support across the political spectrum, she's been subject to a smear campaign. She explains that no matter how Danish she declares herself to be, she may never be treated as Danish enough. It's a type of mistrust many minorities face, and it exposes the hypocrisy of those who demand that outsiders assimilate or leave


How Danes fell out of love with the HPV vaccine

August 2017 / A massive public information campaign has been launched in Denmark to rebuild confidence in the HPV vaccine after widespread – but unfounded – concerns about its safety.


The disappearing goal line: Immigrants complain of “injustice” of ever stricter permanent residency rules

June 2017 / Immigrants who were on track to get permanent residency have had the rug pulled from under them twice in two years, leaving some asking whether Denmark is the right country in which to invest their energy.


Atoning for the past – The Social Democrats affirm a tougher stance on immigration

May 2017 / It's not possible to preserve a welfare state with high levels of redistribution while also allowing permissive immigration, say the Social Democrats in their new political agenda, which also focuses on inequality and sustainability.


For women to earn more money, men need to take off more time to be dads

May 2017 / Fathers in Norway, Sweden and Iceland take four times more parental leave with their children than fathers in Denmark. It's a pity that Denmark lags behind, because when parents split the leave more evenly, mothers get a career and earnings boost.